The Polylclav® is an easy-to-use pressure vessel for the polymerization of orthodontic appliances. Its capacity of 4 litres enables you to polymeriz all types of appliances.


Technical data
Height  180 mm, with valve                                             250 mm
Internal diameter (max.)                                                 200 mm
Weight                                                                         ca. 2.5 kg
Material                                                                       Aluminium with Teflon inner coating
Volume                                                                        4 litres
Working pressure                                                          2.0 - 2.2 bar (29 - 32 psi)
Admissible working excess pressure                              2.5 bar
Test pressure                                                               4 bar
Maximum pressure in the compressed air circulation         8.0 bar
Maximum working temperature                                        50 °C/122 °F
Pressure vessel                                                            category I acc. to guideline 97/23 EC